Maria Todd has lived at 421 Coronado Street just south of the 101 Freeway for over twelve years. During that time she has propagated a large container garden. This garden functions both as a personal sanctuary and a defense in the midst of a gang infested neighborhood. There is no gate on the driveway and no bars on Maria’s ground floor windows. She has arranged her plants to help protect her and she loves them dearly.

Recently, a new management agency informed Maria her garden needed to go.  Thanks to the help of Eric Garcetti’s office and members of Common Ground Gardens, the management agreed to let us clean and organize the garden so the owner and Maria were both happy.

On Sunday November 15th at 9AM a group of over 20 volunteers showed up at Maria’s and worked all day laying a brick patio, thinning, pruning and repotting. Donations of soil, mulch, plants and bricks were delivered. The following pages document our progress.