Nadia’s Garden

Nadia is 103 years old. She lives at 810 Coronado Street and takes care of herself.  She was born in Russia (now the Ukraine) in 1906 and lived in many parts of Europe and South America before emigrating to the United States in the 1960’s. A fashion designer, she had her own line in Yugoslavia until WW2. She worked sewing clothes in garment factory in Venezuela and took pride that she could fix the cutting machines she operated. Nadia is my next door neighbor. I planted a garden on the parkway

where our two houses meet. I planted sunflowers that grew to 14 feet along with tomatoes, basil and peppers.  Nadia was recently in the Hospital with a sore hip from a fall but has made a full recovery.  She has recently quit smoking after 80 years. She still enjoys coffee and a touch of wine.