812 Coronado street,

September 2007

Bill and I bought this Duplex on Coronado Street in 2007. Built in 1910, the front building was a grocery store and the back house a residence fro the shopkeepers. Soon after moving in, the house was sprayed with automatic gunfire with bullets coming through the walls and landing on the floor. After being told by the police we should get bigger dogs we realized we needed to establish ourselves in our new community. I decided to start gardening in the front yard and meet everyone who walked by. There have been more shootings on Coronado Street, but with the police injunction against TST, the neighborhood has been much quieter. We now know lots of our neighbors and i have become a better gardener.

The duplex is now home to 8 people, 7 dogs, 4 cats, 2 chickens, 3 motorcylces, 1 vespa,

one car and lots and lots of vegetables.